Rules for 2021


This is a fantasy baseball league that only counts the Fangraphs WAR statistic. We build rosters and bet beers on whose team will finish each month with the highest WAR total.


The rosters are simple and based on the MLB. You can put any player in any slot, but they have to make one appearance at the position(s) associated with that spot, or their WAR won't count. Players in any of the four bench slots will have their WAR cut in half to simulate reduced playing time. If a batter pitches, their pitching WAR counts, and if a pitcher bats, their batting WAR counts.

These are the roster slots and their associated qualifications:

#Lineup:Requirements for qualification
2First Base1B
3Second Base2B
4Third Base3B
6Left FieldLF
7Center FieldCF
8Right FieldRF
9Designated HitterDH, or a pinch hitting appearance
10Backup CatcherC
11Backup Infielder2B, 3B, or SS
12Fourth OutfielderLF, CF, or RF
13UtilityC, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, or DH
14Starter #1One game started at P
15Starter #2
16Starter #3
17Starter #4
18Starter #5
19Reliever #1One relief appearance at P
20Reliever #2
21Reliever #3
22Reliever #4
23Reliever #5
24Reliever #6
25Reliever #7
26Reliever #8

How to Win

At the end of each month, your team's WAR will be totaled up and measured against the other teams. If your team has more WAR than another team, that counts as a win, and if it has less, that counts as a loss. In a three-team league, that would mean the first place team went 2-0, second place went 1-1, and third place went 0-2.

If two teams tie, the first tiebreaker is highest individual WAR. If Team A's best player that month was Mike Trout with 1.4 WAR, and Team B's best player was Jacob deGrom with 1.6 WAR, then Team B wins. If a second tiebreaker is required, the team with the highest RA9-WAR will win.

At the end of the year, the team with the most wins is league champion. If there's a tie at that point, the team with the highest total WAR for the year is champion.

Initial Draft

This year, we decided to base the draft order on last year's results, rather than making it random. The order is worst-to-first, with the draft order snaking from round to round.

If a new player join the league, they go to the top of the draft order. If more than one new player joins, their order at the top will be determined randomly.

If a player misses a year and re-joins the league, use their placement from the last year they played, and insert them into the draft order after the player who came in the same place last year. For example, Colton missed 2020 but finished 2019 in second place. Tom finished 2020 in second place, so Colton drafts after Tom.

Monthly Roster Moves

At the beginning of each month you can revise your roster in a few ways:

If a player on your roster is on the real life Injured List on the day of our re-draft, you can put them on your IL and pick a replacement. There's no limit to how many players you can have on the IL, but they have to be on your active roster first. If a player on your IL becomes active in real life, you have to either put them on your active roster or drop them.

After the Injured Lists are dealt with, we do a short draft. The draft order is based on the previous month's results, it runs worst-to-first, and it does not snake. To make a pick, you have to open up a roster slot either by putting a player on the IL or dropping them entirely. You don't have to make a pick when your turn comes up, and you can re-enter the draft after passing. The draft lasts until everyone's done making picks.

Trades are allowed and can be made at any time. If they're made on draft day, they'll take effect immediately. If not, they'll take effect the following month. Trades must involve equal numbers of players on both sides to keep all rosters balanced at 26. Trades can be vetoed by a vote of the players not involved.


After each month, you owe a beer to each of the two players who finished directly ahead of you. For example, if you finished in 5th place, you owe a beer to whoever finished 4th and 3rd. It's up to you to collect on those bets. If you're settling your bets at a bar, the loser is expected to tip.


If a player drops out of the league mid-season, their entire roster will become available at the next monthly draft.

You can't trade a player for a beer.

If you take too long to post your roster after a monthly draft, we will post pictures of people named Dick on your facebook wall.

All rules are subject to change by a league vote.

Rule Change History