Oh my god, I followed a tutorial and made an unimpressive Asteroids knock-off in Gamemaker: Studio! I uploaded it just to make sure I knew how to export to HTML5. Turns out I do! Just indulge me and blow up little green faces.

Olympia Brewers


A hosted site for the now-defunct, greatest baseball team in Olympia, the Brewers. R.I.P.

Eater of Galaxies


This is me showing off the computer I built on PC Part Picker. It was my first build and I was nervous that people would tell me I built it like an idiot, but I got rated a +75, which is pretty good! This here mess of wires and circuits is where chaniac.coms are born.

PBS Full Focus: Stellar Flutes


A profile of my friend Lily's Native American style flute company that aired on PBS. Tom, who is the other half of the Little League Baseball NES project, is the younger guy wood-working silently and refusing to talk or look at the camera.

30 People Posing Awkwardly With Snow Dicks


A Buzzfeed article by the esteemed Tanner Ringerud which featured this (ahem, uncredited) picture of my brother and I posing awkwardly together with the snow dick we had just made. Sadly, this work of American journalism has been lost to the ravages of time and URL decay and can today only be enjoyed on archive.org.

There Were Trees in That Forest


The third and last Asaurus Records compilation to which I contributed a song. "Allyn Ford and Other Timber Beasts" this time.

Watermelon Should Last Forever


The second Asaurus Records compilation to feature my silly noises. "Kill the Rabbit" was my doing.

Finally Something to Replace Bowling


An Asaurus Records (defunct since '08) compilation to which I contributed the "Evaporating Fish Sequence" under the name The Narps. A review on Splendid (more URL decay, sigh) said "The Narps' 'Evaporating Fish Sequence' is a great piece of noise/electronica in the spirit of Lesser or Kid 606, thankfully never devolving too deeply into the noise side of things." Booyah! In the years since it has come to my attention that there is a shitty punk band called The Narps these days. Well let this be proof to you that I laid claim to that moniker with my half-baked electronic music years before those whipper snappers had ever even heard of guitars!

The Lester Incident

(Late 1990's)

A story of spine-tingling horror by Adam, with whom I used to talk on mIRC into the wee hours of the night - the hours when things uknown come creeping and crawling out of the shadows, suddenly appearing on ones keyboard and then darting away as fast! In fact, on the night of the Incident, I was typing away with Adam as usual, and it shall ever be to my chagrin that my commentary was not included in the history of that horrible night! Be warned, this is no tale for the weak-hearted; read on at your peril!

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