Friends & Familiars

Sculptures by nEVEr-mor. My girlfriend Charity's tiny and adorable polymer clay sculptures.

Stellar Flutes. My friend Lily's Native American style flute company.

Three Magnets Brewing. A brewery in Olympia where WAR League alum Jeff peddles his suds.


Dave Cooper. He made Weasel, one of my favorite comics ever, and he has a thing for painting fat ladies.

R.S. Connett. Bizarre painter, shrewd domain name registerer.

Mike Del Mundo. My favorite artist in comics, bar none. He's currently illustrating Thor.

Brandon Graham I just like his style.

Jessica Hess. San Francisco artist who paints graffiti-covered cityscapes in oil.

Ed Piskor. He made Hip-Hop Family Tree, which is awsome. He's currently applying a similar level of encylopedic historical chronlicling to the early runs of the X-Men. He is awesome.

Matteo Scalera. He illustrated Black Science, and you should check him out simply so you can fully appreciate his nose style.

Active Musicians

Black Dice. Heavy metal band turned experimental noise group?

C Average. Olympia elf-metal duo.

Cause For Effect. Bass and drums metal duo from Finland.

Clear Soul Forces. Detroit hip hop.

Del the Funky Homosapien. He's still at it.

Fishtank Ensemble. Four piece violin, stand-up bass, classical guitar, and musical saw gypsy-influenced ensemble where each player is a virtuoso. They're on hiatus right now, but they're one of the best live bands I've ever seen.

Flying Lotus. Weirdness from Adult Swim's longtime bumper music guy.

Fourtet. Electronic music from the UK.

Industrial Revelation. Jazz from Seattle. One of the best rhythm sections you'll ever see.

Knwledge. Beats and more beats, he's got 60+ releases on his Bandcamp page.

MF DOOM. All caps.

staHHr. Two H's for Hip Hop.

Thollem McDonas. Avant-garde pianist.

TOO MANY ZOOZ. "Experimental brasshouse."

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